Sweet Home Pre School Soweto

Sweet Home Pre School Director: Mrs Tlaki Dibakwane

Sweet Home Pre School was established by Mrs Tlaki Dibakwane, who saw the need to open an educare centre to cater for families around the Protea Glen area.She is now acting as the Director for the centre and the Principal of the centre is now Ms Tsholofelo Dibakwane, who has taken over from Mrs Dibakwane.We are a non profit organisation/Day Care centre/creche located in Soweto Protea glen ext2. We started this day care centre to educate, give care, support and decrease child abuse and care for children instead  of them running around the streets which is dangerous for  them.

-To keep a close relationship with parents and the community

-To provide quality service and low cost services or no cost at all.

-To build a profitable financially stable organisation and to become one of the market leaders in day care services.

-To be recognised as a centre that develops young minds in order to express themselves at a tender age.


-Our mission is learning and to see the organization growing big ,making and keeping our children and parents happy,healthy and well developed.
-To create a safe environment for children and to reduce abuse in our community.

This day care is situated in the community that does not waste money for transport when bringing children to the centre .Most of the people are earning less income. The day care plans to    target the disadvantaged children to attend the day care.
The competition is high because the are other day care centres like Selanto and Little angels who are advanced and have been longer in the field. They even have transport facilities to fetch children from their homes .The day care plans to upgrade itself to compete more and satisfy its objectives. A sponsorship would be of great value as we will be able to achieve our vision and mission. Young children need to be nurtured in an environment that is conducive.

Programmes offered


Short term goal- To create more jobs for the community in order to reduce poverty
Medium term goall- To establish a fully fledged centre to specialise in early childhood development.
Long term goal –to get a continuous stable profit so as to produce high quality learners.